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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Wholesale Batik at AlKhattab Batik

Salam Alaykum

AlKhattab Batik accept orders in bulk quantity for Batik especially batik sarong, kain pelikat, batik silk, kaftans and scarves.

We can offer wholesale price whenever your order is MORE THAN 20 PCS of Batik Sarong and Kain Pelikat. You also can enjoy wholesale price if you buy kaftan MORE THAN 10 PCS and batik silk (crepe) MORE THAN 3 PCS.

We encourage anyone who wants to be our retailer / distributor based anywhere in Malaysia and we are pleased to have retailers/distributors from outside Malaysia for Batik Sarong, Kain Pelikat and Kaftans.

We also will support those who wants to start business in Batik and will give you best price if buy from us in bulk quantity.

To the event organizers or anyone who wish to have supply for Batik (Batik Sarong, Kain Pelikat, Kaftans and etc).  in their events such as 'Majlis Tahlil', 'Wedding Reception', Akikah, Batik Events, Art Craft Events, Tourist Entertainment Events and even make the Batik as gifts or presents to the special ones, you also can contact us to get the best price for the Batik and make your events more special, colorful and meaningful.

Batik will colour your life

Alhamdulillah, today we already shipped out Batik Sarong and Kain Pelikat to our lovely customers.

Kain Pelikat shipped to Sarawak

Batik Sarong shipped to Hong Kong

We will give best service to all our customers. Customers satisfactions are our priority.  :-) Email us now at


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