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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Important Date for Order & Delivery Service on Hari Raya Holiday

11 August 2012 : Last day of making order & straight away make FULL PAYMENT. This is to ensure all of your ordered item(s) be delivered to you before Hari Raya (1 Syawal). Order, Payment & Delivery after this date will not confirm your item(s) will be delivered to you before / after 1 Syawal.

17 August 2012 : Last Delivery will be made by Poslaju before they actually having their Hari Raya Holiday. Your item(s) will only be delivered to you insyaAllah on 4th or 5th of Syawal.

18 August 2012 - 26 August 2012 : Holiday Season for All Poslaju & Pos Malaysia Delivery Service. No delivery will be made for any location. Your order(s) will be entertained on 27 August 2012


  1. Nice thoughts going to implement all these now.

  2. yeah..thanks werbeartikel online.Hope this info will benefit you.


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