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Monday, 28 May 2012


Today I would like to share with you some important information about what is Batik. I believe not all of you reading this might aware of how, where, when and what is Batik exactly, right? Even me myself don't actually put much attention towards this oldest heritage of our culture before this. But as the time goes by, I start to realized Batik has become apart of me since then and try to approach me without I'm even knowing it.(what?) 

The truth is how can I deliver something too beautiful and interesting with you without even sharing the facts and history about it? So, here it is.... ^_^

We wear Batik, we hold Batik, we buy Batik, we sell Batik and we heard about Batik but what is Batik exactly? After several readings, me found that Batik is originally come from an Indonesian (Javanese)  word “ambatik” where literally it means to mark with dots. While in practical it is actually referring to a process of dyeing and decorating fabrics. It uses a method so-called resist technique. 

What is Resist Technique?
AlKhattab Batik found that (of course, by referring to some articles and books)  resists technique is basically when hot liquid wax is painted on to fabric to prevent the dyes from penetrating the fibers. If the fabric is white in color, any lines or shapes of wax will maintain the color white. Then, after dyeing with pale colors

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